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Rule Language Dev. for Oil & Gas and VOC Stationary Source Control Strategy Meetings

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Ozone Reduction Strategies - Dena Wojtach

RACT and BACT-Roland C. Hea, P.E.

Regulation 7 Expansion and Edits

Rule Development Handout

Statewide Controls for Condensate Tanks

Statewide Pneumatics

Oil & Gas and VOC Stationary Sources Meeting

Posted Under: Stationary Sources Posted Under: Oil and Gas

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2006 Base Care Inventory Update and 2010 Base Case Inventory - presented by Dale Wells, State's Air Pollution Control Division

Oil & Gas Source SIP Strategy Development - presented by Rose Waldman, State's Air Pollution Control Division

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Draft Issue Papers on VOC’s and Oil & Gas Stationary Source Strategies

Posted Under: Stationary Sources

Draft Issue Papers on Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and Oil & Gas Stationary Source Strategies, all prepared by Colorado Air Pollution Control Division Staff

Condensate Tanks

High-Bleed Pneumatic Devices

Oil & Gas Ozone Reduction Strategies not being Further Developed at this Time

Control Technique Guidelines in Regulation 7

Expand Regulation 7 Applicability to the Entire Non-Attainment Area

Identifying the Largest Facilities and Source Categories of VOCs

Increase Applicability of RACT Requirements

Reconsider Current Exemptions - Regulation 3 & 7

Transportation Measures

Posted Under: Transportation

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Letters from Oil and Gas Companies - Commitments for 2008 summer ozone season

Posted Under: Oil and Gas

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